Give Your Business A Boost With Proper Financial Management

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Create powerful business plans for growth, investment and stakeholder interest

Let us be the credible sounding board that will take you through your growth process, whether you are starting up, planning a new venture or seeking to raise finance.

Lack of cash can bring your business to an abrupt halt

Many growing SMEs run out of cash whilst still profitable because of poor working capital control. Let us help you manage and improve your cashflow and plan successfully ahead.

Buy, sell and grow successfully

We will help you maximise the potential of buying or selling a business. Our team of experts will provide pre-investment analysis, business planning, financial due diligence reports and support at a time when internal management resources are stretched.

Need to turn around or exit a business?

Spot the early signs of a business in trouble: trading deficit, VAT and NI in arrears, maxed out credit cards, overdraft over the limit. Let us help you stop the decline, turnaround the fortunes of your business or exit with some value intact.

Bespoke support and timely financial management

You may need to get more from your finance team, or introduce specialist skills that the board or your accountants do not have. If you are not getting accurate and timely financial management information, contact us now.

Welcome to EFM

Your business success and profitability depends on sound financial management and planning. At EFM, we believe every business should be able to access affordable and professional financial management expertise on a flexible basis to suit their business needs, size and aspirations.

At EFM, our speciality is helping small and medium-sized businesses deal effectively with their vital finance function in a smart and innovative way. We do this by providing high calibre, affordable professional expertise on a flexible, part time, insourced or outsourced basis. Depending on the needs of your business, we give you direct access to experienced Finance Directors, Finance Controllers, CFOs and Non-Executive Directors at a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay.

Whether you are just starting up, expanding the business, trying to improve cashflow or trying to get a grip on your finances and costs or perhaps in need of a turnaround or an exit strategy, we have the right solution.

For ambitious businesses that want access to some of the most experienced finance professionals in the UK with no recruitment fees or employment related costs and issues, contact our Finance Directors now.